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05 September 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Commissions Update - September 5th, 2012  

Thank you very much to all the people who commented and/or emailed me asking for commissions.


Finished, shipped and in their owners hands:
  • guu_dammit: Yunho

  • Merili: Yoochun & Xiah

  • sakuraarg, Bachy & Vicky:, Jaejoong lion costume, Jaejoong smurf costume & Changmin smurf costume
  • Sussy: Yoochun (PV costume)
  • Pato's friend: Naruto Shippuuden Sasuke
  • _chidori_ : Jaejoong

  • soloscry: Jaejoong (Dalmatian costume) & Changmin ('O' PV outfit)
  • Alina: Xiah PV Costume
  • snowpiggie: Yunho (PV costume), 9inches Jaejoong (PV costume) & 14inches Jaejoong (dalmatian costume)
  • Special Plushie: Yoochun T concert outfit (Note: I call this one the 'special plushie' for two reasons: 1. I won't make another one like him, and 2. It was made as a gift for Micky Yoochun -thanks guu_dammit for taking him to Korea-)
  • Rosario (Pato's Friend): Dean Winchester
  • hoyah: Yunho (pig costume)
  • Alina: Yoochun PV Costume
  • Mini Jaejoong for Pentagram's Penta Party!
  • lenne_evenstar: brown eyed Jaejoong (PV costume)
  • qutipi: Dalmatian Jaejoong (14 inches)

  • sakuraarg: Inuyasha (for Angie)
  • lovexxxlove: Inoo Kei from Hey Say Jump
  • Eli (shu_and_yuki): Jaejoong PV Costume+ Jae Dalmatian + Jae Smurf (9 inches)
  • sakuraarg: Mini Sasuke
  • fiat_amorfati: Special Yunho + blinkable: YunJae
  • sarang327: Jaejoong , Yunho , Yoochun , Changmin & Junsu PV costumes (5.5 inches)+ Jae Dalmatian (9 inches)
  • qutipi: Yunho in pig costume (14 inches) + Xiahzart (9 inches) + Lee Seon Jun (9 inches) + Changmin Paradise Ranch Cowboy (9 inches)

Finished and ready to be shipped:

Currently working on:
  • sakuraarg: Paris Jaejoong [15%] + Kenshin Himura [50%]. Working on Kenshin's hakama.
  • Sam: Junsu Balloons PV costume [20%]
  • Timesofdying: Jaejoong + Changmin Balloons PV costume [1%]Sewing the body.

If you're interested in a commission leave an e-mail address and I'll contact you.

Waiting List:
  • 1. Hery: Yoochun (Balloons PV Costume)
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Sunggyu (Nothing's Over concept)

Info about commissions
Plushie Gallery

Also, I have these hats for sale. If you're interested of have any questions, leave a comment here or in that entry

You can follow Plushizu on Facebook to see pictures of works in progress and finished plushies.
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